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  • Blog Post: It's Personal: Displaying Photos and Objects

    Image from Smitten Studio How do you tastefully display sentimental photos and objects at home? You know those hard-to-cast-off keepsakes that just don't fit the aesthetic of your home? Try extending the gallery wall concept beyond photos into art and knick-knacks. Image from Curated...
  • Blog Post: Warm Decorative Pillows For Cool Home Decor

    Image from Meg Biram Nothing says cozy like a collection of warm fuzzy decorative pillows on a stylish sofa. It also allows you to play with a variety of patterns, colors and textures when styling you home decor. You can keep with a consistent color scheme or you can mix different colors to create...
  • Blog Post: Living With Art in Tribeca

    Sometimes we take life way too seriously, but living with art definitely helps take that edge off! Designer Ghislaine Vinas worked with the owners of this 15,000 square foot Tribeca warehouse to turn it into a masterpiece that truly makes you not only want to be inside their space, but inside their imagination...

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