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  • Great Places to Put a Modern Lamp

    Table lamps are a great source of light for any dark room. Avoid cumbersome wiring, installation, and hole drilling with a fun modern table lamp. Table lamps can be placed anywhere in the home, but these are some of our favorite spots, from the typical to the unexpected. 

    On a Bedside Table

    Table lamps look great on a bedside table – grab a matching set for either side of the bed! Or pick up a contrasting set for a fun design statement. Modern lamps come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that perfectly matches your bedroom décor.

    A lamp on a bedside table allows for custom reading light that is diffused and easy on the eyes, so both partners are happy. Modern lamps on a nightstand are an old standby, but why fix what isn’t broken?

    Mercury glass gourd table lamp on a chest in a bedroom

    On a Fireplace Mantel

    Replace the traditional candlestick with a tall table lamp on your mantel! It creates an interesting focal point with matching table lamps on either side. Choose shades that pull in colors from the room's decor for a complete look. The great thing about modern lamps is that they’re not just light fixtures- they’re pieces of art!

    On a Dining Room Table

    You may think a ceiling light is the only way to go when lighting a dining room. But, in a cozy dining area, a modern lamp on a console table or buffet can create an intimate café feel.

    Placing a table lamp in a surprising place is a great way to modernize your home, especially with a colorful, artistic lamp. You never know until you try!

    Seaglass-like table lamp on a console table in a beachy-style dining room

    In a Bathroom

    If your bathroom needs extra light, consider adding a modern lamp. This can add much-needed light to a dark bathroom, especially in a small powder room. Add a touch of whimsy with a stylish modern lamp, placed on a counter, table, or on top of a radiator. You can never have too much light in a bathroom, so consider a table lamp for this space.

    On a Living Room Table

    A table lamp next to a favorite armchair makes the perfect reading nook,and can provide some mood lighting during a party or movie night! Update any décor with a modern lamp; they look particularly striking next to vintage or traditional furniture. Lamps with USB ports can be particularly helpful here, for charging phones, tablets, or other electronics easily.

    Gold table lamp made of openwork circles looks good in a vintage style living room

    You can always “leave the light on” with beautiful modern lamps! With these unconventional styling ideas for modern lamps, your home will be brighter in no time!

    Plus you can always save a few dollars with coupons. 

    Images: Euro Style Lighting

  • Modern Entertaining Ideas to Welcome 2016

    Dining table with acrylic dining chairs and crystal candle holders

    Entertaining ideas for New Year's

    With one holiday past us, now we can focus on welcoming 2016 in style! Take a cue from these ideas and go big...

    Acrylic dining chairs and dark walls are a good idea year-round, but add some "cheer" type to the wall and you've got a party.

    Metal console table decorated for New Year's Eve

    Garland for New Year's

    If you don't want to make your cheer readable, try something fun like garland... This space above has lots of DIY garland that looks pretty sophisticated since they're done in black and gold. The variety makes it really fun.

    Don't forget the yummy, no party is successful without it.

    Entertaining idea - use high candelabras in place of a chandelier

    Balloons and gold furniture for entertaining

    There's lots of fun companies out there creating chic balloon arrangements like these above. The tassels and confetti make them extra special. Instead of hanging chandeliers, this table decor features high-standing candelabras to make room for the balloons.

     Share your favorite New Year's entertaining ideas below!

    Images from The Perfect Palette, B Lovely, VTwonen

  • How to Hang Modern Wall Sconces Right…The First Time

    Powder room with modern wall sconces

    Modern wall sconces like our Robert Abbey Doughnut sconce should be mounted between 65-to-70  inches high next to bathroom vanity mirrors. But make sure you perform the glare test first!

    Modern wall sconces lend timeless style to your home décor. But if you don’t install these fixtures right the first time, they’ll become a huge headache – literally.

    For instance, you might install a sconce that seems a perfect height when standing. But upon sitting, you’re blinded by an annoying glare. Avoid this headache by employing our simple glare test.

    The Cardboard & Flashlight Trick

    Items for the cardboard and flashlight trick

    Build your sconce template using these simple household items.

    Create a wall sconce template using the following materials:

    • Cardboard
    • Box cutter or scissors
    • Small flashlight (found in most gas station convenience stores)
    • Tape
    • Pencil

    First, find a modern wall sconce style you like. Use scissors to cut out a template roughly the same size as the fixture's shade. Shape the cardboard to match the shades curvature. Finally, tape the flashlight inside the cardboard to simulate the light source.

    Image of assembled cardboard template with the flashlight attached

    Despite it’s crude look, this template will help you hang a wall sconce like a pro!

    Voila! Your template is ready for action.

    Placement of Modern Wall Sconces

    Side-by-side comparison of a bronze wall sconce and the cardboard template

    bronze modern sconce by George Kovacs (left) and the cardboard template (right) you’ll use to pre-visualize the fixture.

    Use your template to conduct a glare test in each room of your home.

    1. Recruit a friend or family member. Ask them to hold your cardboard sconce at different positions along the wall. The flashlight should be ON at this point.
    2. Stand at different sides of the room to observe your “sconce” at different angles. Make sure you don’t see glare from the flashlight.
    3. Next, sit down on any chairs, sofas or benches in the room. Observe the sconce. If you catch glare from the flashlight, adjust the “sconce” accordingly.
    4. Use the pencil to mark the top and bottom edges of the template.
    5. Buy your sconce, install the fixture, and enjoy your modern wall décor!

    Sconce mounted where there is glare

    If you can see glare from the flashlight, adjust the sconce position until it’s out of sight. Do this from a standing and sitting position.

    Proper Height to Hang Sconces

    Modern living room with sconce made of bronze Murano glass

    Living room fixtures like the bronze Murano glass ET2 Cassini sconce should hang halfway between the ceiling and the floor to create a sense of balance.

    The following are standard heights for mounting residential wall lights. Use these standards in concert with your cardboard “sconce”.

    Hallway with 8-foot ceilings = 60-to-66 inches
    Hallways with 9-foot ceilings and above = 66-to-72 inches
    Living room = halfway between ceiling and floor
    Mirrors and mantels = on either side, 65-to-70 inches

    If you used the Cardboard & Flashlight trick, how did it work out? Did you use another method to judge height and placement of your modern wall sconce? We would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Good Entertaining Begins With a Stylish Entrway

    Midcentury modern-style console table with vintage-look white table lamp

    Modern entryway with table lamp and art

    At the base of all holiday decor is a beautiful home. So when your family and guests arrive this week, make sure your entryway is in top shape! 

    This space above demonstrates all the basics you'll need for a stylish entryway, starting with a bold console.

    Modern table lamps are standard for a console at the entryway, but if you love your lamp, maybe just try a new modern lamp shade for an updated look.

    Streamlined metal console with unique starburst mirror above

    Beautiful decor surrounds modern table lamps

    While the space at the top features a gorgeous piece of modern art, this entryway has a modern sunburst mirror surrounded by fabulous table lamps.

    Don't forget the little things... Tiny decor can sometimes make a big statement.

    Contemporary entryway with built-in storage bench

    Modern entryway with linear cabinets

    This entryway has a very distinct, linear design. If you're style is more modern and minimal rather than feminine and glam, this is a good design direction for you.

    Tons of storage makes it possible for this entryway to look so clean, everything can hide in that long cabinet!

    Images from MyDomaine, Stories, Trendenser

  • Merry Christmas 2015!

    Modern Christmas table.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, from the Euro Style Lighting team!

    We hope your table today looks as pretty as this one above (with some beautiful contemporary ceiling lights above of course)!

    Image from Judith Scholman

December, 2015