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  • Better Bedside Lighting

    Bedside Lighting
    Image from Remodelista

    My weekends this Summer have been all about getting the home together, and my current focus is on the bedroom. Which led to an interesting realization: for bedside lighting, I absolutely love modern wall sconces and wall lights.

    Modern Wall LightsHouse of Troy Cambridge Brass Wall Lamp, George Kovacs Saber Gold with Opal Glass Wall Sconce, Dark Bronze Gooseneck Swing Arm Wall Lamp

    The bedroom at heart should be a place for relaxing and disconnecting. Muted colors, simple details and minimal fuss will help you achieve this.

    White Bedroom Lighting

    Image from Yatzer

    It's in this less-is-more approach to bedroom design that the wall light really shines. It frees up the bed stand for important things like a bunch of freshly-cut flowers and the ever-necessary glass of water.

    Bedside Lighting

    Image from Casa Sugar

    Best of all, for a quick install without the help of an electrician, plug-in wall lamps are as easy as hanging a picture. I couldn't help but show off our own Cori Magee's bedroom as featured on our own Kirsten Grove's site Simply Grove (below):

    Plug In Wall Lamp

    Image from Simply Grove

    When Cori first showed me her home photos, I loved the casual way she allowed the cords to dangle casually and comfortable from the fixture.

    And let's face it: when it comes to beside lighting, nothing beats casual and comfortable. 

    Images: Remodelista, Yatzer, Casa Sugar, Simply Grove

  • Modern Artsy Ideas

    Art Ideas

    Image from Nordic Design

    Art is a very personal element to any home. Whether you enjoy family photos on your wall or high end pieces, art is the best way to add personality to your decor.

    You can keep it simple with one large piece of art, like this image above.  

    Wall Galleries

    Images from Style Logistics / Bungalow 5

    Beautiful modern chandeliers contrasted with modern task lighting is a brilliant pair used to illuminate this cool wall gallery above. Lighting from above and the side is a great way to light the space without disturbing the art collection.

    Floor lamps are also a great way to light the room without obstructing the art wall.

    Bedroom Design

    Image from The Design Files

    Who says you have to hang your art? You don't! This bedroom design is casually elegant with its love for greenery and a beautiful piece of art leaning on the dresser.

    Images: Nordic Design, Style Logistics, Bungalow 5, The Design Files

  • Kids Bedroom Design

    Bedroom Design

    Image from The Boo and The Boy

    One reason kids rooms are so fun to design is because a little can go a long way. Whether it's unique pendant lighting or decorative garland, a kids room should be infused with personality.

    One really fun idea is to display their favorite books. Not only will they help you find them each night, but their cover designs act as little pieces of art.

    Modern Design

    Image from Smam

    Be sure to include a small area that includes seating for kids so they can work on art, homework and crafts. This room above has adorable tiny chairs surrounding an industrial stool for a table, which is a great example of stylish design on a small budget.

    Kids Beds

    Images from Varpunen, Time of the Aquarius, Kuzumodasi

    Kids love the idea of getting creative with their beds. And if you're having difficulty getting them to want to go to bed each night, this could be the answer! 

    If you're a modern parent and have any design tips to add, please add a comment... We'd love to hear from you.

    Images: The Boo and The Boy, SmamVarpunen, Time of the AquariusKuzumodasi

  • Modern Swedish Suburb

    Modern Suburb

    Image from Dwell

    We guarantee the Swedish prefab specialists Smedshammar + Holmberg will have you looking at suburbs in a whole new way! Their mission is to free people from the boring suburbs and redeem the reputation of architects in Sweden.

    Holmberg explains the difference between the way suburbs have been designed in the past and the way they design their smart homes, "It’s an old technique—the construction industry hasn’t caught up with other manufacturing industries. You wouldn’t build a car piece by piece today, out in the open and exposed to all the elements, so why build a house that way? If architects are smart, they’ll focus on getting construction companies to invest in new techniques."

    We say, kudos! Bring on the well-designed suburb so others can follow and we can furnish with modern lighting and furniture....

    Image: Dwell

  • Pastel Paradise For Your Modern Home

    Modern Home

    Are sad that Summer is almost over? You can hold on to Summertime year-round with pastel interior design.

    There's no reason the calming, laid-back feeling of those sunny Summer months can't exist in your home throughout the rest of the year. It's all in the color palette you choose.

    Modern table lamps are a great opportunity to create a color palette, not to mention modern furniture for the living spaces and bedrooms.

    Home Furnishings

    1. Every home needs a retro wall clock, this pastel yellow one is perfect.

    2. Modern chandeliers don't have to be black or white, this pastel blue chandelier is super fun.

    3. The pale wood finish pairs perfectly with pastel purple on this modern table lamp.

    4. Color is not the only fun part of this green accent chair, the form is pretty cool too.

    5. If you're scared to make a big purchase in a fun color, don't be. This pale blue sofa will work with so many colors.

    6. Want to start small, try this little purple accent pillow.

    7. Create a soft palette in your bedroom with this pastel pink headboard.

    8. In fact, this pale yellow table lamp would look perfect on either side of this bed.

    Image: Seventy Nine Ideas

August, 2014