Warm Decorative Pillows

Image from Meg Biram

Nothing says cozy like a collection of warm fuzzy decorative pillows on a stylish sofa. It also allows you to play with a variety of patterns, colors and textures when styling you home decor. You can keep with a consistent color scheme or you can mix different colors to create a whimsical look. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to place a stripe by a floral or an ikat by polka dots.

I love how elegant the pillows look displayed on the sofa above. Metallics are displayed next to furs and neutral tones. Such a beautiful set up! Decorative pillows in all patterns and colors are a great way to simply add lots of personality to any space.

Modern Living Room

Image from Daily Dream Decor

This sofa has a collection of jewel toned pillows in different sizes that compliment this sophisticated room perfectly. The yellow pillow also pulls from the table lamp sitting behind the sofa. It’s a very intentional detail that adds so much.

Colorful Pillows

Image from Décor 8

When decorating a minimalist space, you want to be careful of adding too much patterns and textures. Above we see a simple gray sofa accessorized with simple colorful pillows with hardly any patterns shown. The colors in the pillows compliment the art piece as well as some of the wooden elements.

Neutral Pillows

Image from The Life Styled

Notice that each one of these pillows are completely different from the other and still they all brilliantly work together. Each individual pillow ties well together with at least one other pillow. Whether it’s consistent colors or complementing patterns, it’s a gorgeous collection. And it pulls out the colors in the art pieces nicely.

Image: Meg Biram, Daily Dream Décor, Decor8, The Life Styled